Well, after a great start to the year………. a big whoops!!

We had a great weekend at Abbey Dressage, at the end of January and I have to say Glenys along with her team do a grand job there at Abbey, a place that I have not been to that much, but there is always a friendly atmosphere and the arenas well prepared etc.

I took Star for the Mediums as a warm up for his regional championship at Addington this month and he did a better test indoors, which was not how I had expected it to be, we did win overall with 64.83% and in the outdoor test he was somewhat more distracted so we didn’t do so well…. 61.08% to finish 4th.

On the Sunday I took Kathy trigg’s horse “Galahad”, that I have had in for schooling for some months now, along with Tim’s “Hot Vintage” for both the prelim (non qualifying sections) and also Pam Davidson’s T-J for the Elementary’s.

Kathy and I were both very pleased with Galahad as he was very settled in both classes and got fairly good scores of 65+% in both tests, then Kath had a ride round on him in the working in area afterwards. Vince was having his first show since his wind operation, he did two nice tests and was just a squeak better than Galahad for 2nd (Galahad 3rd) in the first test and then both had exactly the same score in the next test to be 1st equal!!

T-J……… I think had got a bit cheesed off having to wait his turn, stood in the lorry for some time, (not his favorite occupation!) he was a bit unsettled and was a touch naughty in the walks (lots of walky bits in both tests)…….. He would rather be galloping and jumping, so we won’t talk about those scores!! All in all A Happy weekend all round.


Monday, I had my friend Sue coming to help me with my work on Otis. Sue, Margaret and Jane were due for a lesson that day and I had arranged for Sue to Give me a hand again with Otis, before their lessons. Otis had been going very well and starting to settle back into a little ridden work, the Friday before I had done him on my own and was very pleased with the progress, lots of prep work and finished up with a ridden walk and trot around the arena, plus a wee hack up the drive……………but he then had the weekend off due to my other commitments…..

Sue and I did our prep work with him and all good, But then possibly as he had not worked over the weekend, I had not given him a huge amount of work that day before getting on, as the arena was frozen and a bit like concrete, ( I should have known better!!) ….. unfortunately for me as soon as I got in the saddle young Otis hit the panic and explode button……..Sue was hanging on to the lunge and still he was off on one, I sat a few good bucks but then went flying out the side door and as soon as I hit that hard arena on my right hip, I new it was not good!!

Bugger………….. after all my friends had rallied round to make me comfortable and sorted horses out etc etc Phil had rung for the paramedics and off I go to Great Western Hospital A&E!!

Thanks guys so much for all your help and support that day, Sue, Margaret, Phil and Jane and also to Wendy who took over the yard for me at that point!! Sorry you never got your lessons that day!!

SO! Fracture to my right femur, A bit under a week in Great Western Hospital and a bit more Ironmongery in my body, means that I am off games untill my check x-ray in March and I have had the early part of my season curtailed somewhat!!

I must mention that before my accident, I had a very interesting day with Anne Bondi from Solution Saddles!! She came to my yard with a wagon full of of their latest models and we did quite a lot of trying of dressage and jumping saddles on all the horses, T-J felt as though his very good jump became even better, Vince felt much more uphill in the dressage saddle (we didn’t jump him as he was only just back into work) and on Star in the jumping saddle his canter felt really good, so I now can’t wait to get back riding again and try jumping Star, hopefully he may even have another crack at eventing, which he should do as he is by Mayhill and looks the part, but we have stuck to dressage this last year as he seemed to be better suited to that. He changed so much after I started riding him in the treeless dressage saddle, it will be very interesting to see how he jumps in a treeless jumping saddle!! Thank you Anne and I look forward to getting going again with your saddles.

Many thanks to you all for your good wishes and all the help from those of you that have been a huge help!! Bless you all and very best wishes, I hope you are on schedule with your horsey plans for the year and I hope to see you out and about very SOON!.

I will be at the Addington regional’s next week, supporting Tim and his horse, we are there on the Friday and Saturday and then we are still hopefully goingl to Portugal to judge the CIC at Vale Sabroso the following week, a bit of sunshine will be just what the doctor ordered!!!

Hopefully I will be ok in time to do my next Berkshire County RC clinic at East Soley, sorry guys to miss the one today!! As well as the next jumping clinic at NorthAllerton Equestrian centre in March.

Lets hope also that the Doc has good news for me in March when I have the check x-ray…….

Till then……….. Oh think I will write a book, or maybe not!! lol

Take care all and see you soon