Well at last I have done something about getting my Blog repaired and many thanks to Phil Howell, yet again for his help with this!!

Another new year and lets hope that we all have a better year with the weather and can get out to more competitions etc, weather just at the moment could please be looking more positively like it is going to co-operate…. PLEASE!!

I know that I really really must make more of an effort with this blog and please if anyone wishes to make comments or ask for an opinion/ advice on anything please do post on my blog!

It looks like I will have an exciting year with the horses I have to ride and I have also had some nice invites to judge, both at horse trials and dressage, I will be doing some of the BD Regional championships and April looks set to be a busy month as I am at the BD Winters, directly followed by Belton CIC3*, then the following weekend Tim and I have both been invited back to Ballindenisk, an extremely hospitable and enjoyable event in Southern Ireland, the following weekend I have a clinic in Wales, then off to Judge the Grass Roots Champs at Badminton in the week and straight off to coach at the BD Central Camp organised by the terribly efficient Kim Maloney! May not be getting many events ridden that month!

I will post a bit of news on the horses that I have to compete with in the “horses in training” blog for anyone that would like to see news about them.

I am also going to have a go at “refreshing” the main pages of my website so that it is more up to date and hope that I don’t wreck it lol

Nice to be back on here and please do put on any news you have!

Cheers Andrew